An Overview Of James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation

Dedicated To The Struggle, Inc. (Doing business As) James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation, originally titled. Love Yourself Stop The Violence, Inc. and founded by slain Brooklyn Peace Activist James E. Davis, assassinated July 23, 2003, inside New York City Hall.

James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation (JEDSVF) began as “Love Yourself Stop The Violence”, a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping violence in America. JEDSVF has grown to now encompass multiple causes with its multiple culture reach.

James E. Davis, a New York City Councilman, Founded Love Yourself Stop The Violence in 1990 to unite inner-city communities and teach them self love and respect. By learning self-love, communities become empowered to fight drugs and poverty. Love Yourself Stop The violence is a grassroots organization funded by donations from our supporters. Today we continue to grow through the hard work and dedication of our members under the organization’s new title, simply the James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation.

Our mission is to end violence, by promoting Peace and Reconciliation. We seek to holistically build lives through Character, Education and through Conflict Resolution with Compassion. Our goal is to continue bringing awareness to violence, health, and education in inner-city communities.